Student Privacy


Louisiana's educational accountability system requires all public schools give students certain assessments throughout their school years. The Louisiana Department of Education (DOE) has selected the companies who receive information for those assessments, and has posted information about those companies on the DOE website, here. We will continue to provide student information when a parent asks us to do so.  This may include to colleges or to other service providers. We will also continue to provide student information in response to court orders or subpoenas, following the parent notice requirements in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and we will continue to provide information to other school districts our students attend, and to the Department of Children and Family Services, as provided by law. A parent may register a complaint about the unauthorized release of personally identifiable student information with the school principal, and must include:

  • The parent's name and contact information,

  • The name(s), or other identifiable information, of the student(s), and 

  • An explanation of how the parent learned about the unauthorized release, including who released the information (if the parent knows) and where, when, and how the information was released.

The principal will investigate the matter, and, if the incident was related to the parent's child, the s/he will submit a response to the parent. If the parent is not satisfied with the response, s/he may register a complaint with the SSD Superintendent. The parent must give the SSD Superintendent the information that was originally given to the principal with an explanation why the parent was not satisfied with the response.

The Louisiana legislature passed Act 677, which requires that the Department of Education and LEAs publish information on their websites about the sharing of students' personally identifiable information. The list of all common agreements is here: Student Privacy Agreements

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